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Cayo---An idyllic haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting awe-inspiring landscapes and verdant rainforests.


Event Planner's Guide to Cayo District

Cayo District is a premier destination for distinctive corporate retreats, annual team gatherings, and team-building experiences. Renowned across Belize for its expansive natural wonders, the district offers endless attractions, including captivating caves, underground rivers and pools, cascading waterfalls, dense jungle trails, and majestic Mayan mountains.


About Cayo District

Cayo District, situated on the western side of Belize, shares borders with Orange Walk District to the north, Belize and Stann Creek Districts to the east, and Toledo District to the south. Guatemala lies adjacent to the Cayo District on the west. As the largest district in Belize by area, Cayo encompasses nearly a million acres of land.

The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena serve as the bustling epicenter of eco-tourism in the region. Meanwhile, Belmopan, the nation’s capital, predominantly functions as a center for Belizean government offices.

Cayo District offers a refreshing escape from the coastal heat. With slightly cooler temperatures and fewer mosquitoes than the Caribbean coast, it is an enticing destination for those seeking respite from the tropical climate.

Event Venues and Hotels in Cayo District

The Cayo District epitomizes rural Belizean beauty amidst mountainous terrain, farmland, valleys, and limestone plateaus. While much of the area remains uninhabited, the small towns offer a limited yet charming selection of event venues and accommodations for corporate stays. 

Internet in Cayo District

High-speed internet options, including satellite, fiber optic, and 4G Wi-Fi, are available across most Cayo District. Guests at hotels and select restaurants can access high-speed Wi-Fi for their convenience. However, in remote areas, occasional interruptions to internet service may occur, adding to the region’s rustic charm.

Corporate Entertainment in Cayo District

With vast expanses of subtropical rainforest dominating much of Cayo’s landscape, this district offers unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration. From dense forests to majestic caves, Cayo District beckons with thrilling excursions sure to captivate corporate groups.

Horseback riding in the Caves Branch subtropical jungle, Cayo District. Credit: Suzanne Schroeter, Flickr.

Dining in Cayo District

Discover the diverse culinary delights of Cayo District, where an eclectic mix of cultures shapes the vibrant food scene. From Mestizo to Lebanese, Mennonite to Chinese, Indian to Caribbean influences, indulge in a rich tapestry of flavors that will delight your palate. 

Traveling to Cayo District

By Road

Cayo District is accessible by coach, taxi, hired car, or plane. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are approximately 153 miles (a 3-hour and 50-minute drive) from Chetumal at the Mexican border and 9 miles (a 26-minute drive) from Melchor de Mencos at the Guatemalan border.

Phillip SW Goldson International Airport

International and domestic flights operate from Phillip SW Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Ladyville, near Belize City. A shuttle bus service is available between the airport and Belize City. Additionally, there are two airports within Cayo District. 

Additional Airports in Cayo District

  • Maya Flats Airstrip (CYD) offers flights from San Ignacio.
  • Hector Silva Airport (BCV) provides flights from Belmopan.

Traveling around the Cayo District

Exploring the various villages in Cayo District is the most economical way to travel by bus. However, traveling by hired car or private coach might be more cost-effective for large groups.

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