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A hidden gem,with untouched natural beauty, pristine rainforests, and stunning river systems.

Event Planner's Guide to Toledo District

The remotest part of Belize is Toledo District, earning it the nickname of “Forgotten Land.” Corporate groups can benefit from an authentic and off-the-beaten-track experience of Belize in its protected rainforests, rolling hills, and Mayan sites.

The market at Punta Gorda, Toledo District. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

About Toledo District

Toledo District is the southern region of Belize. It sits next to the Stann Creek and Cayo districts to the north, and Guatemala to the south and west. Toledo District is the least populated district in Belize with around 41,000 inhabitants.

The sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea and Amatique Bay lie on the east of Toledo District. Along this coast, the distinguished Garifuna culture is something that tourists enjoy learning about. Particularly in Punta Gorda, locally known as PG, the Garifuna community offer workshops, drumming lessons, cooking experiences, and dancing for interested visitors. 

Event Venues and Hotels in Toledo District

As with the other less-populated districts of Belize, Toledo has a select number of venues suitable for meetings and events. Copal Tree Lodge is the only sizeable hotel. Rustic lodges, cabins, and small guesthouses also offer accommodation and are situated near Punta Gorda and along the Southern Highway. 


Internet in Toledo District

Satellite, fibre optic, and 4G Wi-Fi internet are available across Toledo District. You can enjoy the use of high-speed Wi-Fi as a guest at hotels and some restaurants. In remote areas, the internet may be interrupted.


Corporate Entertainment in Toledo District 

The Snake and Silk Cayes (islands) are one hour away by boat for incredible snorkelling and swimming. On the mainland, the untamed jungles of Rio Blanco National Park, Deep River Forest Reserve, Payne’s Creek National Park, and Sarstoon Temash National Park are perfect for corporate groups to have guided hiking, quadbiking, and mountain biking day trips. Top things to see and do include:

  • Boating through mangroves before watching the howler monkeys and manatees at Monkey River
  • World-class fly fishing
  • Learning how to make chocolate at the Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden
  • Finding out about the Mayan culture with basket weaving workshops, traditional cooking, and an educational tour at the Living Maya Experience

Dining in Toledo District

Local cuisine in Toledo District is something that corporate guests won’t want to miss. Flavours from East India with turmeric and curry, Caribbean jerk spices, fresh sea food, and Garifuna dishes are what you will find on the menu.


How to Travel to Toledo District

You can get to Toledo District by coach, taxi, hire car, ferry or by plane. Punta Gorda is 168 miles (3 hours 45 minutes driving) from Belize City, 249 miles (5 hour 40 minutes driving) from Chetumal at the Mexican border, and 180 miles (4 hour 20 minutes driving) from Melchor de Mencos at the Guatemalan border. 

Phillip SW Goldson International Airport

International and domestic flights run from Phillip SW Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Ladyville, near Belize City. A shuttle bus is available between the airport and Belize City. 

Additional Airports in Toledo District

  • Big Creek Airport (BGK) – flights from Big Creek
  • Punta Gorda Airport (PND) – flights from Punta Gorda

Travelling around the Toledo District

Visiting the different villages in Toledo District is the cheapest by bus. For large groups, it might be more cost-effective to travel by hire car or private coach. Visiting the coast and islands is best by water taxi or hiring a boat. Travelling to other parts of Belize is easiest by flying from the Punta Gorda Airport.

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